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Marriage Matters 

Five Dates is a new initiative to encourage Christian couples to pay attention to their marriage. Over six months each year we will have one evening for married couples or engaged couples to connect, communicate, and celebrate their commitment to one another.
Once a month there will be a catered candlelight dinner followed by some fun and engaging activities for couples! The evening will end with helpful tips on enriching marriage. Professionals from the Covenant Christian Counseling Center will provide tips on communication, conflict management, gratitude, and much more to encourage marital health and satisfaction!

Covenant Counseling and Family Resource Center 

Five Dates Workbooks

Couples will receive Five Dates Workbooks. We will share some of the questions and activities during “Table Time” after dinner. 

Couples will have an opportunity to share with one another and with other couples using “Tiny Talk” Cards! 

The monthly programs stand alone; so if you need to miss one that is fine, but the best outcome will be for those who attend all six. 

Cost is $25 per couple per month. Reservations are made per event. 

Annually we plan programs to support married couples. These are a combination of guest speakers, fun and games nights, Vow Renewal Service, and much more. 

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